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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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the morning commute. matt is standing by for traffic watch but first to jeremy nelson. >> the western part of the viewing area is starting to see the showers and thunderstorms but still dry here. we are going to the radar. we have a band of showers and thunderstorms from fond du lac county close to beaver dam and moving through madison and west of ne there are lightning strikes associated with it. it is arriving to beaver dam shortly. expect heavy downpours, lightning strikes again, this is lasting 5-15 minutes. a look outside in milwaukee, it is dry. it is mild. it is muggy. close to 70 degrees. it is a little sticky out there. scattered showers and
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throughout the morning and turning off in the afternoon for a time and sunshine, a high of 77. and then another chance of showers late afternoon or evening. we have the specific timing with the new data coming up. first though, matt is launched in news chopper 12. dry at the moment, matt? >> we are dry here in the wauwatosa area. head lights are northbound, right now both directions are looking good. travel times... we are looking pretty good. i will continue to watch it. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. . >> thank you. a local school is going to honor a little girl that died after being hit by a stray bullet a
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good morning, nick. >> ben, milwaukee police investigated 86 homicides in 2014, but few had the impact of the death of five-year-old laylay petterson when she was shot in the head. police now believe that the three men shot up the wrong house as they tried to settle a grudge. she was shot through a window. with school back laylay's school, today they are dedicating a peace garden to her. they hope it is a special place for the students and continue to spread the seeds of hope and peace. a number of milwaukee police officers will be attended the dedication as well. one of the suspects pled guilty. two others are yet to stand
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the next few weeks. reporting live, "wisn 12 news this morning." >> nick, thank you. a milwaukee school opened today a day after a girl was hurt in a shooting. a 13-year-old girl was grazed by a bullet accidentally. it happened inside of the school, the gun was fired while the officers were trying to get the teen under control. today. the students were sent home early yesterday afternoon an a suspicious message was found in a classroom. >> a man dies in the jail and now it is u ruled a homicide. he was severly dehydrated and the 38-year-old was in custody after opening fire in a casino in april.
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continuing to rise in wisconsin, 20 people in milwaukee county died this month and the numbers are continuing to grow. >> we have been talking about the heroin epidemic for a long time and hearing about narcan and more people are learning to use it. this is a man and woman suffering from overdose here. the officers used them. >> if we don't condone the drug use, giving the person the time they need for a second chance. >> there is hope, you want to help, narcan is something that everybody should have. >> and there is training for this. counties in the area offer free narcan and train.
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>> the son of the chief medical examiner was found dead from an over dose on monday. the police found prescription drugs in his bag, but they have not determined the official cause of death. petterson is one of the 71 probable overdose deaths in the last seven weeks in milwaukee county. >> warning for hand, foot and mouth disease is showing up in the kids in the area. schools and day cares have sent out awe r alerts. symptoms are sore throats and fevers and blisters on the hands, feet and inside of the mouth. it is highly contagious. >> keep your hands washed and
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especially if you are having contact. >> the c.d.c. says that the disease runs the course in 7-10 days t doctors can provide over the counter medications for the pain and fever. >> doors open milwaukee kicks off tomorrow and a rare chance to get inside of a building. we are talking about the station in west allis. it was a popular station in the 20s. it was designed by famous wisconsin architect. and check this out. asian inspired roof, hard to miss there. the city purchased the building in 1978. sat unused until 2000.
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artifacts from another time. >> it is memorabilia. it is a neat little visit. >> more than 165 buildings are taking part in doors open milwaukee tomorrow and sunday, that includes our building here at 19th and wells. >> it is a little bit rainy for the forecast right now, but the weekend should be good? >> i think so. jeremy, is it a good weekend to get out with a cold beverage? >> yes, it is you can leave the umbrella at home. grab it before stepping out the door this morning. showers and storms to the west. lightning and thunderstorm approaching beaver dam. dry in waukesha and milwaukee counties.
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it is mild, muggy start to the day. everyone in the 60s. we are warming up to the 70s this afternoon. we are really watching the showers and storms rolling in this morning and with us for kind of the next several hours on and off and wrapping up in the afternoon and another chance of showers arrives into this evening. so you want to have the umbrella on stand by. we talk about the weekend forecast coming up. now to matt up in news chopper 12. >> we are over the west allis area, the head lights there. national avenue under the freeway. we are not seeing delays headed to the construction zone. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. badgers basketball player
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dakota. he and his brot rer joining the pipeline protests. he took to instagram and saying i can't wait to join the fight to protect what is sacred. they tribe pledged to help the protests and the tim, the company is suing protestor there? >> that is right, melinda, the conflict is headed to court. they filed a complaint against the standing rock court documents filed yesterday, the protestor in the documents say that the company is not making a case to collect the damages here. the protests started last month. the pipeline would stretch from north dakota to illinois. the tribes are saying it could harm the drinking water and infringe their land. back to you.
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coming up, commitment 2016, where the candidates are headed today to meet with the voters and birthplace battle resurfaces. >> plus, new development in the fight against zika, the trials underway right now and what the it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want be a doctor! russ feingold: you think girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. you should be paid the same boys? yogirl 1:d definitely.d girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agreed: wewith you -ed and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call!
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>> 6:13. thank you for joining us on "wisn 12 news this morning." we are looking at the radar network. take it with you on the go, we have the free wisn 12 app with the radar we are going to see the showers this morning and later on today. in the meantime, we are awaiting the rain in the lake shore counties. this is a beautiful look outside. don't get caught in the thunderstorms. pretty big waves right now.
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>> now, below t drive is not so bad. no trouble here along the bypass. >> commitment 2016, an old is resurfacing over president obama's birthplace.
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converging on the city today. this morning hillary clinton and donald trump crossed the paths in the nation's capital. both are entangelled over the birth issue a report is saying that trump won't say he believes the president obama is born in the united states. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii, he still wouldn't >> we have to push back against the bluster and the falsehoods and promises of higher walls. >> mr. trump believes that president obama was born in the united states, explaining in 201 # 1 he was finally able to bring
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by compelling the president to release the bifrt certificate. it is accusing hillary clinton to raise the bifrt bifrt issue first. clinton camp is not commenting on that, they said that trump needs to say it himself. >> first lady is campaigning for hillary clinton for the first time. 6:16. the battle over zika could be coming to an end on capitol hill. the aides are say hag the republicans proposed a drop in zika fighting money. democrats are welcoming the move. the deal would's the way for congress to adjourn after the fall election. this development is coming as a race for the zika vaccine is continuing. >> we are making progress, right
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human trials. the doctors are testing the vaccine on 40 people. and the vaccine is different because it is bierly synthetic. >> it is not growing, it can't replicate or spread. this is a rehearsing the system and making them able to encounter the they are saying a good indication it is targeting the zika virus. the f.d.a. will determine when and if the vaccine is good for the public. >> the green and gold faced the
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four seasons. packers will be in minnesota for the game. >> take a look at this, wide receiver jordy nelson has own cereal. the farm fresh flakes are available at the grocery stores and online. his grew up on a farm. he still works on the farm in the off se. attention, ray a viewer is saying that the pig wiggly in in the falls has the cereal. so i will make a trip there and get them. >> they are frosted corn flakes. you don't have to add a spoonful of sugar. >> there you go. >> and his hands on them.
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>> i bet they are going to sell out. how much are they? >> $10 for a two back on the website. >> not a bad deal. some people will keep the box too. >> of course. >> well, we have football weather to talk about this evening, high school games are on going and a shower or a thunderstorm between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and a couple of waves of threat of the across southeast wisconsin today and the second one coming in during the high school games. they are going to get the games in. we talk more about that in a moment. early on we are dry in milwaukee. this line is weakening as it is approaching the area. some more showers and storms are bubbling up this morning. take the umbrella with you.
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now on top of beaver dam. this will sweep across dodge county and may try to work into washington or fond du lac county. that thunderstorm is producing the lightning. 69 in milwaukee. we are dry a. red sky out there. a little sun is trying to cut under the clouds. it is a pretty beautiful scene right now in racine and the sun is trying to make its way under the cloud the clouds are going to fill in. really any where across the badger state today you can catch a shower or a thunderstorm. including here in southeast wisconsin. when the rain does turn off for a time this afternoon, we warm up quickly with a south breeze, a muggy feel in the air. now to specifics, the times 9:00 a.m. this morning a shower or a
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the wave moves by in the afternoon and a few dry hours and showers are popping up again. these could impact the showers. 8:00 p.m. the showers are departing the area. the rains should be getting in even with a delay. here is the forecast going into the weekend. looking great. 80 degrees on saturday. sunshine. 76 on sunday. high of 73. you are noisy back there. what is going on? >> we have something to show you later. >> apple is releasing the new iphone 7 today. take a look. >> this is it. this is the at&t store. we checked in with the crowd here.
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>> no, more. look. you may be right. >> but they are out there. they have camping gear. >> they are saving your spot? >> yes, i want the pink one. they can't hear me. maybe they are watching on their phones. >> maybe. >> if you are watching, hi, get me the 7 in pink. wes and elizabeth are here with the weekend >> good morning, tgif. we are headed to veterans park on sunday for a free event. >> milwaukee heart and stroke walk and 5k fun run going on sunday at 9:00 a.m. at milwaukee veterans park. >> yes, it is free. it is a great event. why are people lining the bridges downtown? we tell you coming up.
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urity...) hi, i'm stuck in an elevator... with a cow. (a what?) all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. >> oh, good morning.
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stopping by classes throughout southeast wisconsin. if you are interested in getting a visit, head to and click on the school shout out logo. >> tgif. i need a friday. >> yes. we are here. it is friday. that means wes and elizabeth from weekend picks. good morning. >> good morning, be on the look out for the people lining the bridges. the challenge is starting tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. you have seen the long boats? >> yes, i have rowed at the gym for 8 minutes. >> it is hard to do. >> yes, my back hurt for days.
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it is incredible. watch the boats race up and down the river tomorrow. check that out. back to you guys. >> thank you so much.
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>> it's back to class today after an accidental shooting inside a local school. what we're learning about the girl who was hurt during a scuffle with police officers. >> plus, focusing on the safety of your drinking water. that's the goal of an effort launching today in milwaukee. the first-of-its-kind milestone now just hours away. >> but first, weather watch 12 as we take a live look at doppler 12 radar. rain is heading towards he we're tracking how long you'll need an umbrella. >> good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning" i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. it's 6:30 on this friday, september 16th. we're in the weather center with meteorologist jeremy nelson in the weather center. >> the rain is coming into the western area. it has weakened a little bit. you are going to see some rain
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this is weakening but downpours and lightning strikes. look at those waves. this is why you don't venture out on the break water with the stronger winds, because the waves crash over that. 66 degrees it is feeling muggy outside. the humidity took a jump overnight. we are looking at showers and storms this morning through midday a. little break in the afternoon and catching the late afternoon and evening showers. let's go up to matt in news chopper 12. >> the first glimpse of sunrise.
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if you are headed out, decent shape. this is toward 794 and panning to the marquette interchange. in and out of downtown is looking good. no complaints out there. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> a milwaukee school will be that's after a police officer's gun accidentally fired inside hitting a student. tim has more on this developing story. >> this morning, a 13-year-old girl is recovering from a graze wound. this happened yesterday afternoon inside henry david thoreau school at 60th and bradley. police say the student became combative while being questioned about a different incident. that's when an officer's gun
6:33 am
the teen under control. the shooting happened in the school's basement away from other students and teachers. the girl was taken to the hospital to be treated for that graze wound. this morning we're told she's expected to be okay. >> students will return to class today at saint catherine's high school in racine. yesterday students were evacuated and sent home early after a suspicious message was found in a classroom. police decided there was no real danger. so classes will go on as normal today. >> making sure the water you drink won't make you sick. that is the goal of a new water quality task force in milwaukee. nick is live for us downtown with a look ahead. good morning, nick. >> good morning, melinda, sorry about that, we should have the audio know.
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drinking water was a wake up call for the cities across america and also for milwaukee. today a new city water quality task force is holding the first meeting and getting organized to recommend ways to ensure the safety of the milwaukee drinking water. the lead exposure can harm the children and leading to behavior and attention problems and possible kidney damage. now the task force is chaired by the alderman and includes the city health, water and public works department and medical profession and community members as well. last week mayor barrett recommended that anyone living in a home built before 1952 install water filters especially if children live there. the first meeting is set for
6:35 am
hall. >> thank you, nick. >> >> five-year-old laylah peterson's memory will live on thanks to a new garden at her school in milwaukee. today teachers and students at northwest catholic school will dedicate a peace garden in her honor. you will remember back in 2014, petersen was hit by a stray bullet while sitting on a couch with her grandfather and sister. last year, three men were charged in connection with the case. police say the suspects opened fire at the wrong house. today's dedication starts at 6:00 tonight. >> looking ahead, democrats in the state assembly plan to ask for an investigation into governor scott walker and alleged misconduct during his recall election. this stems from documents leaked to the guardian newspaper. those documents show governor walker solicited business executives to donate to the outside group wisconsin club for growth. some lawmakers are raising questions about whether certain laws were passed as a favor to
6:36 am
because they related to issues he'd supported for years. >> if i did something different than what i said i was gonna do, then voters would have a right to question, but i fulfilled the things i said i would do on this and many other cases. >> the wisconsin attorney general's office tweeted that they are currently reviewing options to address the serious legal questions raised by the leak and publication of the sealed documents. >> celebrate oktoberfest with a beer and a brat. >> the deal from portillo's that will have you saying prost. >> cheers in german. >> plus,a river of beer flowing under the streets of a local town. the underground pipeline being built in wisconsin starting today. >> and up next, the president gets some hollywood star power in his campaign against climate change. the actor taking a stand to prevent our oceans from looking like landfills. >> but first, let's take a live look at doppler 12 radar.
6:37 am
area. we are on weather watch as showers move our way. jeremy nelson is monitoring all of the action. we'll be right back.
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>> we scan the skies and look a t the dopplar radar network. we have scattered showers and a couple of thunderstorms approaching. western areas like fond du lac, dodge, jefferson county is seeing the rain. keep the umbrella with you are needing it. outside right now, the clouds are filling in above the downtown milwaukee area. it is a warm start to the day. the south breezes are pushing the humidity up. the winds are gusting over 20 miles per hour. i encourage the kids to bring the umbrella. 77 degrees this afternoon. we see the dry time before another round of showers is moving in.
6:41 am
coming up. matt? >> the sunrise is disappearing behind the clouds. a faint glow right now. we are over milwaukee county line. head lights are coming westbound 94 and you are seeing a little brake tapping from 76th street that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:41. >> new this morning, there is a brand new national monument off the coast of cape cod. >> yesterday president obama created the first marine national monument. it's called the northeast canyons and seamounts marine national monument. it's about 130 mile southeast of cape cod. it covers about 4900 square
6:42 am
conference in washington, the president said he created the monument in part because of rising global temperatures. local fishing groups are concerned this move could harm the region's economy. hollywood actor leonardo dicaprio also attended that conference. >> he echoed the president's call for action on climate change. >> as a global community, we dicaprio said the world needs to come together to keep the oceans from being destroyed. he also announced a new online tool that will help anyone look for illegal ocean fishing or illegal harvesting. >> considering a presidential pardon for edward snowden. >> tim is in the newsroom with more on the whistleblower's petition to president obama. >> snowden hasn't set foot in the u.s. in more than three years after he leaked classified documents to the website wikileaks. the white house response to his appeal to return home, plus details on the hollywood actor
6:43 am
signing up to become teachers in wisconsin. one state leader says that's because people are bad mouthing the profession. his solution to keep qualified teachers in the classroom.
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this morning." quarter to 7:00 on this friday, september 16th. a live look at doppler 12 radar. the rain we are watching is now getting ready to hit us at the worst time of the morning. >> yes, the roads will be wet for the remainder of the commute. there is rain out there up to the north and dodge and fond du lac counties are getting the downpours. headed to the southwest sheboygan county. but the main area of showers deminnished slightly and mainly rain, a couple embedded thunderstorms within that. have the umbrella ready to go. we have a few showers and thundershowers this morning and a couple this evening. in between highs in the 70s. we have the weekend forecast
6:47 am
matt? >> jeremy, 894 here, northbound on the left side of the screen and bunching up. north of beloit road with the brake lights on. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you very much. >> teachers in wisconsin are country. that's according to the state's schools superintendent. tim, you have been reading over the superintendent's outlook on the state of education in wisconsin. >> it is posted right here on the department of public instruction's website. you can read it there. tony evers gave his annual state of education speech yesterday. he said that schools are having a tougher time filling positions in special, bilingual and technical education but he says that is in part because of quote, negative rhetoric
6:48 am
teachers in wisconsin have seen 2.4 percent decrease in take home pay since 2009. and spending per student has only gone up a percent in the last five years. those are trends that cannot continue evers said. after his speech, evers issued a statement saying he plans to ask governor scott walker to increase per student aid in the next state budget. ben, back to you. >> thank you, >> later today, you can get your blood pressure and your cholesterol checked for free. the city of milwaukee is hosting a family health open house at the northwest health center on 76th and mill road. anyone without insurance can get a flu shot and other immunizations. the open house runs from 10:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. >> starting today, celebrate oktoberfest by enjoying a cold beer at the portillo's in brookfield. the restaurant chain is offering a new promotion just in time for oktoberfest one dollar off all beers. you can pair that with a usinger's brat with sauerkraut
6:49 am
wisconsin. the dollar off beer promotion runs until the end of october. >> speaking of beer, later today construction begins on a two mile beer pipeline in a town in belgium. to protect the historic cobblestoned streets of broozh, a local brewery is doing away with trucks and building an underground pipeline. how about that. it is capable of transporting about one thousand gallons of beer an hour to the company's bottling plant. the project costs about four and a half million dollars. worth it. some of that was paid for thanks to crowd funding. interesting. >> get that started here, i think. plenty of breweries here. >> i won't complain that utility bill. now, we have mentioned this weekend, great to spend time
6:50 am
badger is playing at home in madison. we have a few showers and storms in the forecast for today. we are rounding out summer quickly and we have a chance to see the summertime showers and storms and rumbling on and off throughout the day. if you have plans outside, don't cancel them but have a plan b. take the umbrella with. the last weekend of sumer is looking great. next week we'll see above average temperatures. these storms were impressive near and west of madison. as they do, they weaken, no daytime heating to continue to drive them. we are left with the showers up in northern dodge and fond du lac county and certainly no severe weather across the southeast part of the state.
6:51 am
we have a front to west and sliding in our direction this afternoon and evening. a couple rounds of showers and thunderstorms are possible. it is mild. it is muggy. 64 at the state's capital. up in the north woods, they are starting at 60 degrees. now this afternoon, we have a few breaks of sunshine. we hit 77 in milwaukee. 75 sheboygan. here is a break down of how the day is playing out. it is really just on and off showers and thunderstorms from the morning into the afternoon. i think that the best bet of catching a few dry hours would be during the afternoon. once we get to the late afternoon and early evening, a few showers and storms are possible and impacting the high school football games in the area, but they are far and few between. so we should get the games in,
6:52 am
for the weekend, 80 on saturday with a breeze out of the southwest. 76 sunday. that is the pick day of the weekend. lots of sun and lower humidity. by monday, a couple of showers and fall starts on thursday. highs in the 70s. it looks dry to start a whole new season. now up to matt salemme in news chopper 12. >> we are over the the speeds are picking up, but watch for the brake tapping. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> i've joined tim in the newsroom where tim, you are learning more about edward snowden's campaign to get a presidential pardon.
6:53 am
obama leaves office. he wants out of russia and return home. you will remember, back in 20-13 snowden leaked classified documents about the "national security agency" and its bulk collection of phone records. snowden is currently living in russia to escape prosecution for espionage. he says the leaks were a public service and lead to changes in surveillance laws. yesterday, a house intelligence committee report on snowden's case says the former government contractor was a disgruntled employee and not the whistleblower he claims to be. when asked if there's a chance the president would pardon snowden, white house press secretary josh earnest said snowden needs to return to the u.s and face the charges against him. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> this comes just as a new movie about snowden hits theaters. joseph gordon levitt plays the former nsa contractor and actually went to moscow to meet the real ed snowden. after that meeting,
6:54 am
wants audiences to make up their own minds. the movie is directed by oliver stone and is rated "r". >> if you have a samsung galaxy note seven phone, the u.s. government says send it back. the u.s. consumer product safety commission is now recalling issued a recall on the device. that's after reports of fires caused by overheating batteries. federal regulators say 97 percent of the galaxy note sevens in the u.s. have a faulty battery. customers can get a refund, or a new phone, but only from the place you originally bought it. samsung says a new version of the phone will be in stores next wednesday. >> meanwhile, rival apple is releasing it's new i-phone seven today. you are looking outside at the at&t store in port washington road. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 people. yeah, 6 people. that's it. >> i like the blanket, man.
6:55 am
oh, he opening the store. the company says most of the phones have already been snatched up by pre-orders. apple says walk-in customers will not be able to get the iphone seven in jet black. but non-apple retailers, like best buy, may have them in stock. >> we just had to be one of the first few people in line. >> okay. i want >> he's saving you a spot in line. >> claude is out there. i want the iphone 7 in rose gold. i want that. get me that. please. and then good luck to the folks in line. >> "g.m.a." is coming up next with the headlines. >> first, a live look outside, oh, that is the radar. that is coming our way a. final
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>> good morning. thank you for joining us. we are looking at 94 eastbound
6:59 am
starting. right now 11 minutes on 94 eastbound to downtown. bypass heavy up to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> looks like good flying weather for matt. we have a few showers in if western areas right now. milwaukee is dry for the next 30 more showers are developing throughout the morning and showers and thunderstorms are possible with the wind out of the south and southeast and breakers in sheboygan. don't be on the break wall. a boat inside of it. >> all right whochlt is getting the iphone 7 today? >> me, in pink. >> melinda is getting it. >> don't want it.
7:00 am
>> take wisn 12 news everywhere you go. >> "g.m.a." is up next. >> good morning, america. donald trump refuses to say president obama's born in the u.s. again. back on the trail, hillary clinton pounces. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? the race tightening as stump trump goes on late night television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray. >> and donald trump jr. taking heat for his own comments about the gas chamber. he's responding here live this morning.


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